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Would you dare to practice these 7 extreme sports?

At Double Seven we are adrenaline lovers and that’s why we wanted to make a ranking of the 7 most extreme sports in the world. If you like the thrill and to test your limits, this article will interest you for sure.
1º Extreme Slackline
Extreme slackline is a sport that involves balancing on hundreds meters high ropes above the ground. Most of the time, the tightrope walkers are attached to a safety rope, so that if they lose their balance, they won’t fall. Normally the rope is placed between two mountains and participants try to cross as quickly as possible without falling. If you have vertigo and don’t like heights, this sport is not for you.

2º Bungee jumping
This is one of the most popular and accessible extreme sports, perfect for people who want to feel strong emotions for the first time. Bungee jumping consists of jumping off a bridge with a rope around your ankles. There are different levels of bungee jumping, so it is perfect if you want to gradually enter the world of extreme sports. So now you know, grab a Double Seven and take the plunge.

3º Base jumping in a wingsuit
Base jumping is a sport very similar to skydiving, the main difference is that a special suit called a wingsuit is used. The wingsuit is inspired by flying squirrels, who open their legs to literally glide through the air. This sport consists of jumping off a mountain wearing this special suit to descend and glide during the jump. If you’ve always wanted to fly, this is as close as you can get.

4º Ice swimming
This activity is somewhat unusual, but it is known all over the world. It consists of diving and swimming in freezing water. The water is usually at 5 degrees or less, and no wetsuit is used, only a swimming costume.

5º Extreme kayaking
Extreme kayaking is based on whitewater rafting at full speed, navigating high difficult watercourses. There are international extreme kayaking championships, where they take into consideration the time you take to go down the river. Above all, if you are going to practice this sport you must be able to swim without any problems.

6th Big wave surfing
Do you like the sea? Do you like strong emotions? Then big wave surfing could be the perfect sport for you. The only drawback is that this sport can only be practised in a few places in the world such as Nazaré (Portugal), and you need to have an expert level of surfing in order to avoid having a bad time while practising it. The waves can reach up to 30 metres high…

7º Rock climbing
If you want to bring your body and mind to the top level, rock climbing is the sport for you. Dexterity, physical fitness, patience, agility, and above all, a lot of mental strength, these are the ingredients you need to enjoy rock climbing. You will see your adrenaline rush reach the highest levels, only comparable to when you drink a Double Seven.